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The Japan Food Journal is the leading trade paper in the Japanese food industry. Our inaugural issue was published by an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1943, and we celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2018.

The Japan Food Journal Newspaper

The Japan Food Journal, the only trade paper in the food industry whose inaugural issue was published by an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1943, and we celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2018.
The environment surrounding food is changing rapidly, and the demand for securing food and keeping the balance of supply and demand is expected to grow on the global level. The diet of Japanese consumers is becoming increasingly diverse, and as more food ingredients and products are imported from overseas, we must also learn, think and act globally.
The Japan Food Journal is a source of the latest news from various segments of the food industry, such as milk and dairy products, spices and condiments, flour, confectionery, oils, frozen foods, canned and bottled foods, alcohol beverages, processed agricultural and marine products, and distribution thereof, as well as restaurants, home-meal replacements, such as bento boxes and deli foods, ingredients, machinery and materials, and so on.
As award business to support the development of the food industry we have established the " Food Industry Award," " Blockbuster Food Award, " " New Technology/Food Development Award, " " Food Safety, Security and Environment Contribution Award, " " Blockbuster Processed Food for Industrial Use Award, " " Japan Food Journal Award for Excellent Food Machinery, Materials or Ingredients " and " Local Food Industry Contribution Award, " to name a few.


94,500 copies (as of February end, 2016)

Circulation Pattern

Issued three times each week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday); comprised of 16 pages on average (broadsheet).

The Japan Food Journal Online

Dedicated News Website with Focus on Food Industry

Japan Food Journal Online is a dedicated news website with focus on the food industry. Drawing on the extensive network of the Japan Food Journal reporters, we gather latest news in the food industry, such as personnel affairs of key persons, financial reports, new products, interviews, and feature articles on trending products. In addition to featuring topics on food manufacturers such as processed foods, beverages, alcohol and frozen foods, the website covers all aspects of the food industry and sheds light on what's happening in the food distribution segments, including wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and delis as well as the segments of food-related machinery, materials and information systems.
Readers of Japan Food Journal Online enjoy access to the online-only functions to find articles, reference related articles, and see most popular articles by ranking, for example.
The online edition also uses RSS 2.0 to receive updated article information. All of the 300,000 articles featured in the Japan Food Journal since 1992 can be accessed on the website.

Monthly Page Views

Approx. 550,000 PV (as of June 30, 2014)

Source Media

The Japan Food Journal, Hyakusai Genki news, Nisshoku Gaishoku Restaurants news

Industry Segments

General, Frozen/chilled food, Miso/soy sauce, Spices and condiments, Processed marine products, Confectionary, Alcohol, Canned food, Milk and dairy products, Processed agricultural products, Processed flour products, Beverages, Pet food, Production, etc.
Wholesale, Retail, Deli, Fresh produce